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Zondag 27 mei 2018
te Driebergen

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De nieuwe tijd vraagt om
een nieuwe visie op het leven
en een nieuwe wijze van denken

Opening van een
nieuwe Gereedschapskist

een thematische voordracht
met filmbeelden en muzikale fragmenten

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Die Zauberflöte

Een symbolische en muzikale analyse
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CD-boek cassettes

Orfeo's nieuwe Lied
Over moraal en levensbeschouwing,
levensopdrachten en mogelijkheden
in de nieuwe tijd
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Hermes herboren

Een megasprong in onze kijk
op wereld en leven

Een voordracht met 36 muzikale fragmenten
op 10 CD's en in boekvorm
in luxe cassette
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Het Paard van Troje
toen en nu
Een gedachtenontwikkeling over ons tijdsgewricht

Een voordracht met 12 muzikale fragmenten
op 3 CD's en in boekvorm
in luxe cassette
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Hermes reborn


In this treatise, Maarten Zweers applies pure logic to integrate science, religion, the arts and esotericism. It is a revolutionary line of reasoning, leading to an entirely new perspective on life and the world.

A giant leap in our view on the world and on life
A development of thought on
consciousness and the world of forms.

In this major lecture – on 12 CDs and in book form – Maarten Zweers shows logically and coherently that consciousness can be given a status equivalent to the world of forms.
Whoever takes this step will reach profound conclusions and will become aware of the complete coherence between fundamental scientific, religious and philosophical themes. This results in a giant leap in our view on the world and on life, and provides an opening to an infinite number of revolutionary thoughts.
No fewer than 35 musical excerpts serve as an illustration, showing that these thoughts are also concealed in the symbolism and form of our classical operatic and symphonic literature.

Dozens of ground-breaking scientific, psychological and philosophical discoveries
In fact, simply by the recognizing that consciousness is equivalent to the phenomenal world of forms and that these two worlds constantly interact in every regard, we will see that the answers to pressing scientific, psychological and philosophical questions fall like ripe apples from a tree. This treatise alone offers tangible answers to the following themes

-    Scientific themes:

  • why everything is ultimately vibration and energy;
  • why the cosmos is expanding;
  • how the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics can be connected;
  • what the source of gravity is;
  • what black holes are;
  • where ‘time’s other arrow’ can be found;
  • that Einstein’s theory of relativity must be extended to all quality-dimensions;
  • what the solution is to the wave-particle problem of light, showing that Einstein was right when he asserted that “God does not play dice”;
  • what dimensions, space and non-locality are in a deeper sense;
  • why we have thus far only experienced a three-dimensional space;
  • what the deeper meaning of perspective is;
  • why we continue to discover more and more ‘emptiness’ in space and in atoms;
  • that there are speeds that exceed the velocity of light, and where they are to be found;
  • what the essence is of numbers, their proportion, mathematics, the logarithmic spiral, the golden ratio and their reflection in the world of forms.

-    Philosophical themes:
  • what consciousness is compared to the world of phenomena and their interaction – in fact, an explanation for what quantum mechanics has demonstrated;
  • what the meaning of life is in a cosmic sense;
  • what life and death, near death experiences, departures, levitation and enlightenment are;
  • what the logical explanation is for paranormality, what phantoms and spiritual phenomena are;
  • what spiritual senses are and why we have no sense devoted to time;
  • what the triad of spirit, soul, body means;
  • what inspiration, intuition, reason, feeling and emotion are;
  • what the coherence between all life-forms is;
  • what causes the differences in life-forms;
  • why large animals became smaller, for example: mammoths became elephants and giants became men;
  • what the ‘reality’ of the virtual world and our inner world is;
  • what the meaning and logic are of religion, arts and science.
-    Religious and symbolic themes:
  • what the logic is of the concept of gods;
  • why the gods are always called eternal and holy;
  • what the logic is behind texts as in Genesis;
  • what the meaning is of many symbols;
  • why love is the key to everything;
  • and why the Mystery will always remain.

This treatise provides a logical explanation for all of these themes. Moreover, this body of thought can lend still far more depth to all these themes, and their number can also be extended infinitely.

(English edition available)
Price: € 70,- (exclusive shipping costs)
shipping costs within Holland € 7,-
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shipping costs outside Europe €18,-

M.E.B. Zweers, Epse, Holland
IBAN: NL93 ABNA 0458846619

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